Elementary Reorganization Update

Information from the School Board about Elementary School Reorganization
Posted on 09/20/2020
elementary reorganization update

To meet the demand for remote learning for our LDSB Elementary Virtual School, our elementary schools will be undergoing a reorganization next week. Early next week, schools will inform families directly about how this reorganization will affect their child(ren)’s classes.

A reorganization is the amalgamation of classes or movement of students between classes to accommodate changes in enrolment. The reorganization process happens every September. Using enrolment projections and existing student registrations, the board projects enrolment at each school and grade in June. Classes are then organized according to these numbers. A reorganization is usually required once school starts to deal with changes to enrolment. This might be the addition of students who have recently moved to the area, or between schools, or the removal of students who have left the area.

Usually, in a typical year, the board must reorganize between one-third and one-half of our elementary schools. This year, due to the addition of remote learning and the creation of the LDSB Elementary Virtual School, we expect almost all elementary schools will be reorganized.

As of this week, 1,265 elementary students, or 9.5% of the LDSB elementary population, are pursuing remote learning through the LDSB Elementary Virtual School. This is now our largest elementary school in the district. Based on the revised numbers of students attending in-person schools, we must withdraw teaching staff from in-person schools to serve the 1,265 learners in the virtual school. This means that some teaching staff will leave their current school to staff another school (in-person or the virtual school). While classes may be affected at schools, teacher staffing remains consistent across the district. We are not reducing the number of teachers but changing the location where some of them teach.

The scale of the staffing changes requires a reorganization to accommodate all students (virtual or in-school), and adhere to Ministry of Education regulations and collective agreements with our labour partners.  This is also why moving from in-person learning to remote learning and vice versa is a complex process that is not easily achieved. We are doing everything we can with the resources provided by our funding, including the use of reserves, to limit the impact of the reorganization and maintain current staffing levels.

We understand that changes to your child(ren)’s class may be upsetting, and we thank you for your patience and understanding. As shared above, schools will inform families directly about how this reorganization will affect their child(ren)’s classes next week. The reorganized classes will begin September 24, 2020. Schools cannot accommodate family requests for a specific class placement.

If you have any questions after the reorganization has been shared with you, please reach out to your school administration.