Covid 19 School Protocols

Covid 19 School Protocols
Posted on 09/17/2020
school protocols for Covid 19

The Limestone District School Board continues to work closely with our partners at KFL&A Public Health to ensure health and safety protocols are based on appropriate and timely advice, guidance and directives of provincial and local public health officials.

It is important to note that keeping schools open is contingent on limiting community spread of COVID-19. If circumstances change, and we experience an increase in regional cases across the KFL&A region, we may need to adjust our model.

We encourage everyone to follow public health guidelines and remain vigilant in helping to keep our communities safe by following these important school protocols related to COVID-19.

KFL&A Public Health COVID-19 Information for Parents, Guardians, and Caregivers

KFL&A Public Health has created an information sheet that condenses the family responsibilities including screening your student each morning, what happens if students develop symptoms at school, testing for COVID-19 and prevention and control of COVID-19.