2021 Grade 8 Graduation Information

2021 Grade 8 Graduation Information
Posted on 06/11/2021
Congratulations Graduates!

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As promised, here is the detailed information about the Calvin Park 2021 Grade 8 Graduation Celebration. Thank you for your patience! Due to Public Health guidelines, traditional graduation ceremonies, whether held inside or outside, are not permitted at this time. This year we will be celebrating our Grads in a Drive-In Graduation Ceremony! If arriving in a vehicle is not possible, you have the option of walking into the Graduation Ceremony with your child. 

In order to provide a memorable and safe Graduation for our over 200 Graduates, we have extended our Graduation over two days, June 21 and 22. The Graduates will have the opportunity to come to the Graduation “Stage” outside the cafeteria at a designated time between 8:30 and 3:30 to pick up their graduation certificate, any awards, and take a photo in front of our special graduation backdrop!!  Classroom teachers are beginning to contact families to arrange a time for each student to be driven up or to walk up to the graduation area outside the cafeteria. If your child has attended the Elementary Virtual School this year, please contact our office as your child is invited to also participate in the Calvin Park Graduation. Graduates may wish to wear their graduation attire. If it rains heavily, the event will be moved to the front of the school under the canopy.

Staff will be collecting and bagging personal belongings that graduates may have left at school. There will be a table set up at graduation for Grade 8 students to collect their personal belongings and to return their borrowed Chromebooks, books, or other items. Please remember to return the charging cord as well.

It is essential that masks be worn and social distancing be maintained throughout this process. Families must arrive at the designated time and follow the directions of staff when you arrive at the side parking lot beside the cafeteria. Please remain in your car if you have driven up to the school or in your designated area if you have walked in. Everyone must maintain a 2 metre distance from others who are not in their family group. Only 2 adults will be permitted to exit the vehicles. All others must remain in the vehicle or if walking, in their designated area. There is a limit of two vehicles per family or, if walking, 4 additional family members, for this event. Staff members will be available to direct traffic and help with this process.

On June 22 at 6:30 p.m., please join us from the comfort of your home to watch the premiere of the “Calvin Park Class of 2021" Graduation Video!

We are looking forward to celebrating our 2021 graduates in a unique and memorable way this year! 


The Calvin Park Staff