Pick-Up of Student Belongings From School

Pick-Up of Student Belongings from School
Posted on 06/08/2020
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Dear Parents/Guardians:


Thank you for your patience as we establish a safe process for your child to enter Calvin Park to retrieve items from their locker and their desk.  Below in bold print is the link to click on to book a 15 minute time slot to come in on your child’s assigned day.  Your child may come alone or with one other adult from your household.


When you connect with the Calvin booking site, you will choose your date based on your child’s homeroom class and then choose your child’s teacher on the drop down menu.  Grade 7 students will be scheduled on June 15 and 16, and Grade 8 students on June 17 and 18.  The 15 minute time slots are from 8:30-12:30 each morning.You will see that there are only two students per class permitted for each time slot.  If you see a time slot is greyed out, that means it is no longer available. Once you have chosen a time slot, you will receive a confirmation email. Families with 2 students at our school should only book one time slot.


June 15 - Ms. Bridgen, Mr. Brackenbury, Mr. Candela, Ms. Allen

June 16 - Ms. McCann, Ms. Tang, Ms. O’Neill, Mr. Weaver

June 17 - Ms. Leeman, Mr. Valberg, Ms. McDonald, Ms. Yateman

June 18 - Ms. Boyce, Ms. Stewart, Ms. Williams, Mr. Raby


Thank you for supporting this entry process to the school while maintaining health regulations and physical distancing protocols. Prior to coming to the school, you must complete a self-assessment as outlined below. 


Please review all of the following information carefully.

  • If you have library books, textbooks or other school property, you must return them at this time. 

  • Students in Gr. 7 who are returning to Calvin Park in the fall and who borrowed school technology  may keep their device. In addition, students in Grade 8 who are attending LCVI in the fall may keep their device. Students who will not be at an LDSB school next fall or who are not attending LCVI, must return technology & chargers at this time. If a student is participating in summer learning opportunities then please keep your device for the summer and we will collect it once school resumes.

  • For those students who have a personal musical instrument at school or personal art materials, you may also collect these at your scheduled time.


  • Before your scheduled visit,  you must self-assess for any symptoms of COVID-19 or other acute respiratory infection. Check for: fever, new or worsening cough, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, fatigue, headache, sore throat, runny nose, diarrhea or vomiting.  Please complete this self-check prior to coming to Calvin. If you are showing any of these symptoms you are not allowed to enter the building and we will reschedule your time.

  • For safety and to accommodate physical distancing,  only one adult, or one adult plus your child can attend the appointment.

  • It is essential that you are on-time for your appointment and that you arrive at the building only at the designated time. If you are unable to make your time, or miss your time slot, we will reschedule if time permits.

  • Physical distancing is required throughout the entire process to ensure the health and safety of all parties.

  • Use the hand sanitizer provided before entering the building.

  • Students will enter through the main front entrance of the school and exit down the north stairs through the doors that students use for recess. Please park in the side parking lot near the football field, not in the parking lot behind the school.  Please do NOT park in the driveway in front of the school. Please wait on the accessible ramp until it is your turn to enter, respecting physical distancing (we will have lines on the sidewalk to maintain separation). 

  • We ask that families do not linger as others are waiting for their appointment time.

  • Everyone entering the building is required to sign the COVID-19 declaration prior to going inside.

  • Staff will be available to direct you through the school.  

  • Please gather all items from your locker/desk and put them in the provided plastic bags. You may sort your items at home. 

  • Please note bathrooms, water fountains, common areas and playground equipment are not accessible during this time.



Please contact the school office and leave a message if you have any questions. 613 542 2796.

Thank you for your continued support as we navigate these extraordinary times together.

On behalf of all the Calvin Staff,

E. Suriyuth and W. Pettingill