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Staff Listing
Calvin Park Staff List 2016-17

D. Bauder, Caretaker (Shift Lead-Hand)
L. Bethune, Office Coordinator
J. Boa, Educational Assistant
J. Bocking, English as a Second Language Teacher
S. Boyce, 8 CORE
J. Brackenbury, 7 ATLAS
J. Bridgen, 7 CORE
R. Candela, 7 Challenge
L. Cox, Attendance Counsellor
J. Davis, 8 Challenge 
J. Dixon, Educational Assistant
S. Down, Core French Teacher
S. Hedderson, Principal          
L. Hutson, Educational Assistant
K. Jackson, 7 LEAP
L. Leeman 7 CORE / Student Support Teacher  
T. LeHeup, Educational Assistant       
R. McDonald, 8 LEAP
T. McDonald, Caretaker         
R. Moore, Educational Assistant
S. Murphy, Caretaker
C. O'Neill, Instrumental Music, Health                                     
J. Osborne, Vice-Principal / Student Support Teacher
S. Fitzgerald, Core French Teacher
S. Hinschberger, Core French Teacher
R. Pettit, Head Caretaker
S. Raby, 8 ATLAS
S. Ribbel, Student Support Counsellor
S. Ridout, 7/8 CORE
R. Stewart, 8 LEAP
C. Tang, 7 LEAP
D. Wartman, School-to-Community and Technology Teacher
S. Weaver, 7 CORE
D. Williams, 8 Challenge         
S. Valberg, 8 CORE
K. Yateman, 7 Challenge                      
A. Yuile, Clinical Consultant

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