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Our School
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At Calvin Park Public School we believe that our role is to guide our young people gently through the transition from Elementary to Secondary School.  We reflect the flavour of both panels while maintaining our own special identity.  
In competitive events our teams are known as the “Comets” who brightly and boldly step up to the challenge.
Our school colours are vibrant red, white and blue which are displayed proudly in our crest and school environment.


Calvin Park Public School is the Limestone District School Board’s largest middle school and is in Kingston’s mid-town area adjacent to the Kingston Centre.  Students come to Calvin Park from three feeder schools in the area.  These students attend K - 6 at their feeder school and complete their elementary years (Grades 7 and 8) at Calvin Park Public School.  We also are home to three Board Programs: LEAP (Limestone Education Through the Arts Program), Challenge (enriched studies) and ATLAS (Applying Technology for Learning, Aptitude and Success).  Our programs draw students from all schools within the Limestone District School Board.  Our Core Program, as well as our specialized programs, provide rich learning opportunities to meet the needs, strengths, interests and talents of all our students.  We are fortunate to be located in a secondary school setting which gives us access to many resources such as the latest technology, science labs, the resource centre, dance studio and cafeteria.


Presently, Calvin Park Public School has an enrolment of approximately 386 students with a teacher to student ratio of 26:1. There are fifteen classes and a total of twenty-eight staff members.  A stable environment is extremely important for our students.  Our organization facilitates this through block scheduling, staff planning, home room teacher contact and the application of consistent rules.  Calvin Park students benefit from developing long-term positive relationships with our kind and caring staff.  The diverse array of talents, strengths and skills demonstrated by our teaching professionals significantly contributes to a fast-paced, dynamic school culture and “leading edge” learning facility.  Calvin Park is well-known for it’s provincial success in Lego Robotics, Science Fair competition and Historica Fairs.  

Calvin Park Public School has changed in many ways over the years.  Originally built in 1965 for Kindergarten to Grade Eight students, it then changed to a site for Grade Seven and Eight classes only and eventually moved to become part of an integrated setting at L.C.V.I.  Educational programs have varied over the years but one thing has not changed at Calvin Park - the quality of education has continued to be of the highest calibre.  Each year Calvin Park Public School commits to a school growth plan to further learning opportunities for students in all facets of school life - curriculum, extra-curricular activities, enrichment opportunities and community involvement.  We are very proud of all our students and recognize their personal success and highlight their achievements.  

A strong core of life-long learning skills is a vital component of intermediate education.  Skill development is emphasized in all our program areas.  In addition to classroom experiences, students enjoy team fellowship through a variety of extra-curricular activities such as: Student Council, athletics, community events, clubs, performances in the Arts, contests, competitions, school service work, spirit days, excursions, etc.  All of our activities are designed to enhance the student’s self-image and broaden his/her global perspective.  Many partnerships have been developed to further the success of “at-risk” learners.  A strong affiliation with the OPHEA programs (i.e. Go Girls, Cybercops, Daily Quality Physical Education, etc.) have contributed to the overall health and well-being of our students.  Funds have been accessed to provide literacy materials for both student development and staff professional development. Literacy and numeracy remedial sessions have brought students together to further develop the skills necessary for their transition to secondary school. Calvin Park is a community of learners!


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