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ATLAS Program
Applying Technology for Learning, Aptitude and Success

The Applying Technology for Learning, Aptitude and Success (ATLAS) program is designed to provide focused, structured learning opportunities for students who are experiencing significant difficulties with communication and organization, and whose academic performance is not necessarily reflective of their potential.

Through direct teaching experiences and more hands-on learning, students will gain have opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes that lead to success in elementary and secondary school and beyond.

To experience success in the ATLAS program students should be:
- self directed problem solvers who regularly engage and participate
- prepared to take responsibility for their learning success
- inquisitive and motivated, able to persevere
- interested in learning new things
- engaged, willing to seize the opportunities provided
- prepared to commit consistent effort towards independent learning
- committed to positive social interactions
- willing to participate as a productive group member
- willing to accept, reflect on and effectively incorporate feedback

The ATLAS Program promotes respect, collaboration and inclusiveness, allowing students to develop a sense of their role as citizens within their communities and global society.

The ATLAS Program is offered only at Calvin Park Public School.

For registration information and additional FAQs re: Choices at Seven programs, please visit:


Monday, February 26, 2018
6pm LCVI-Calvin Park Cafeteria, parking in south lot, Entrance D

Please click here to see the presentation from the Information Session. (Coming soon!)

Workshop Days:
April 9 or 10, 2018

Thank you for your interest.

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